MSU BioEnergy Cropping Systems
Nov 17th, 2017

MSU BioEnergy & Agronomic Crops Research

Can we use the whole corn plant as a bio-ethanol feedstock?  Gao, J., L.Qian, K. D. Thelen, X. Hao, L.Da Costa Sousa, V. Balan, and B.E Dale.  2011. Corn Harvest Strategies for Combined Starch and Cellulosic Bioprocessing to Ethanol.  Agron J. 103: 844-850.

Early maturing hybrids save energy and are usually more profitable.  Hao, X., Thelen, K., and Gao, J. 2010. Earlier-maturing hybrids improve corn grain profitability in the northern Corn Belt. Online. Crop Management   doi:10.1094/CM-2010-1203-01-RS.

The best system for transitioning to organic.  Andrew Corbin, K.D.  Thelen, R. Leep, and G.P. Robertson, 2010.  Influence of Cropping Systems on Soil Aggregate and Weed Seedbank Dynamics During the Organic Transition Period.  Agron J. 102:1632-1640

Conversion technology for whole-plant corn to ethanol.  Shao, Q., C. Shishir,  C. Krishnan, B. Bals,  L.Sousa, K. D. Thelen,  B. E.Dale,  and V. Balan.  2010.  Enzymatic digestibility and ethanol fermentaability of AFEX-treated starch-rich lingo-cellulosics such as corn silage and whole plant corn. Biotechnology for Biofuels 3:12 10.

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Spatial variability on a field scale of corn grain ethanol yield (g/g).  Hao, X., K.D. Thelen, and J. Gao.  2010.  Effects of soil and topographic properties on spatial variability of corn grain ethanol yield.  Agron J. 102:998-1006.

BioEnergy Cropping Systems have smaller carbon footprints.  Thelen, K.D., B.E. Fronning, S.A. Kravchenko, D.H. Min, and G.P. Robertson.  2010.  Integrating Livestock Manure with Corn-Soybean Bioenergy Cropping Systems Improves Short-term Carbon Sequestration Rates and Net Global Warming Potential.  Biomass and BioEnergy.  34:960-966.

Economics of various bioenergy cropping systems.  James, L.K., S.M. Swinton, and K.D. Thelen.  2010. Can Dedicated Cellulosic Feedstock Crops Out-earn Corn?  Agron. J.  102:675-687.